Customer Formula Feed Manufacturing

This is our trademark!

We’ll work with your nutritionist or your specifications to create a custom feed mix that maximizes profitability for your operation.

We offer a wide variety of conventional and non-GMO products to meet the ever-changing needs of the agri-business and consumer preferences. With many of our commodities available in whole, flaked, ground, or rolled textures/consistencies, we stock the supplements you need to create the perfect mix. Our competitive pricing can offer a great improvement to your farm’s bottom line. Call us at 717-272-3225 for more information about our Customer Formula Feed Manufacturing.

Bulk Commodities

* Most of these commodities are available as whole grains, flaked, ground or rolled.

Triple-M-Farms offers a complete range of bulk commodities that cover every nutritional need. Use our simple on-line form to request a price for any of these products.