Triple-M-Farms offers a diversity of services that meet your feed and grain needs, while saving you money. With knowledge gained by listening to our feed and grain customers, we’ve developed a range of services that help farmers save money, time, and space. What service can we provide for your needs?

Grain Bank Programs

Triple-M-Farms can safely store your grain on-site. Throughout the year, we’ll use it in your feed mix. Keep your costs down and gain storage space – our grain bank program means less hassle and higher quality.

Year-End Booking Programs

Who knows what a year will bring in feed prices? Lock in your price for a 12-month duration at Triple-M-Farms. We’ll work with you to set a fair price for your custom mix or grain needs. You can budget in this price for a whole year, without worry of market fluctuation.

Control your costs and plan for your overall financial outlook. We accommodate flexible payment arrangements. Just call us to discuss how we can serve you.

Grain Roasting

Triple-M-Farms has facilities for grain roasting with steeping, cooling, and flaking options.

Custom Hauling

We’ll deliver to you with the right equipment for your setup:

  • Bulk or Bagged
  • Auger Trucks
  • Pneumatic Blower Trucks
  • Dump Trailers
  • Dry Vans

Conveniently located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, we will deliver directly to your farm. Call us and we’ll quote for our services and delivery.